Lenox Land Trust

To preserve and maintain the rural New England character of Lenox

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Protected Open Space in Lenox

View of Richmond Pond & Taconic Ridge from Lenox Mountain Summit

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​​Land Use in Lenox

As outlined on page 79 of the Lenox Open Space and Recreation Plan, approximately 25% of land in Lenox is permanently protected open space, most of which is open and accessible to the public. The vast majority of protected open space and recreation lands in Lenox stretch down the mountainous eastern and western sides of town. On the western side of town, much of the permanently protected open space lies in the Lenox-Stockbridge Range, in Kennedy Park (owned by the town) and lands owned by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council and the Massachusetts Audubon Society (Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary).

Protected open space (having varying levels of protection) is scattered throughout the valley, with the majority being temporarily protected under Chapter 61, 61A, or 61B. Other open spaces and recreation areas surround the Housatonic River and dot the shores of Laurel Lake. Some private recreation facilities, that are accessible (with a fee) to the public, exist along the Lenox-Stockbridge border and near to Lenox Village.

On the map of Lenox below, the colors depict the various levels of land protection.

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