Lenox Land Trust

To preserve and maintain the rural New England character of Lenox

BNRC staff & volunteers lead community hike to Parsons Marsh

Mailing address:

Lenox Land Trust

PO Box 81

Lenox, MA 01240

     Officers of the Board of Directors for 2018

President                           Ken Kelly

Vice President/Clerk      Kate McNulty-Vaughan

Treasurer                          Warren Archey (interim) 

        All Board of Directors             Preferred Contact Information

Warren Archey (2003*)                      (413) 637-2729

Mike Cooney (2007)                             (413) 637-1965    mjcooney5@gmail.com

​​Bill Gop (2018)                                      (413) 822-0058   billgop@ymail.com

Ken Kelly (2015)                                    (413) 329-9678   kkelly@utica.edu

Kate McNulty-Vaughan (2003*)        (413) 637-0233   katem-v@hotmail.com

Tom Romeo (2008)                              (413) 637-2684   tjromeo@verizon.net

Patty Spector (2003*)                                                          pattyspector@gmail.com

​​Joe Strauch (2015)                                (413) 637-4059

     * Founding Member of Board of Directors

        In brackets = Member of Board of Directors since (date)

Please contact any board member with questions or suggestions.

     Emeritus Directors

Gige Darey *

Charlie Liston (deceased) *

Sally Bell (deceased) *

Mission of the Lenox Land Trust

Recognizing the pressures on land use and also recognizing the rights of individual property owners, the Lenox Land trust believes that it is imperative to preserve and maintain the rural New England character of Lenox and the surrounding area for present and future generations and forms this corporation for the following purposes:

  • To promote appreciation of natural resources in the Town of Lenox and environs and to stimulate education and research concerning these resources.
  • To preserve the natural environment by acquiring by gift or purchase whole or partial interests in natural scenic, open and rural lands in Lenox and environs; to identify those lands; and to act as an informational clearing house in cooperation with appropriate groups, individuals, or both.
  • To identify and preserve ecologically sensitive land and water and to create protected wildlife habitat.
  • To work with other organizations to encourage land development which is appropriate for and beneficial to the community; and to encourage the development of housing which will help promote economic diversity of citizenship in Lenox when planned for and built in a way which respects the land and its neighborhood.
  • To work with other organizations to preserve Lenox's historic landscapes, viewsheds, buildings, and structures.
  • To recognize that change is inevitable and to seek to influence its direction in ways which will benefit all members of the community.
  • To solicit and receive gifts from individuals and organizations, accumulate funds for capital programs of the corporation, expend the principal or income or both in carrying out the purposes of the corporation by the employment of personnel, the purchase of equipment, material, and supplies, the purchase or lease of real estate, or by any other means proper and desirable for accomplishment of such purposes.
  • To acquire by gift, purchase, lease exchange or otherwise such real and personal property as may be appropriate to carry out the purposes of the corporation or for investment and to hold, operate, use, develop, lease, sell, assign, or otherwise dispose of such real and personal property.
  • To apply and use any part or all of the current income and any reasonable accumulations of income therefrom and any part or parts or all of the principal assets of this corporation, either directly or through distribution thereof to or for the use of the organization itself to fulfill one or more of the aforesaid purposes, in such manner as to further and permit at all times the carrying out of the general and specific purposes and functions herein described and declared and none other.
  • To conduct such other activities and programs in the furtherance of the foregoing purposes as may be carried out by a corporation organized under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 180 and described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.